The skills training

Certificates of Knowledge: January - March 2014

  • Leather work
  • Horse shoeing
  • Topography
  • Equine First Aid

Training in situation: March 2014


Pack saddle use and knots: June 2014

The mental and physical training

I won't hide it, I am overweighted. 
Since summer 2013, I've been training lightly first, then more and more, to gain some muscles and loose some fat. 
I am using different techniques as pilates, running, bicycle, hiking...


Two incentives here: being lighter for my horses to carry, and fitter to face any situation when needed.

But I want to keep some 'stock' as it could become very helpful during the journey.


My usual training per week:

  • 5 hours++ (10*30 mins at least) of bicycle
  • 1 hour of running
  • 2 to 4 hours of pilates


Additional training:

  • occasional hiking
  • one week of hiking in autonomy to test the non-equine equipment, in unpredictable weather conditions (Bretagne, here I come!)
  • regular hours for sleep and meals

All these activities have another very important aim: mental training.


It very important for me to be "in charge" of my own body and mind to succeed with the project. Not that it's gonna be easy. That's the whole point of the training: preparing myself and my willpower to be able to face the difficult situations that will most probably happen during the journey, even if luck's on my side!